Date: 13th December 2010 at 1:31pm
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We do not ‘really’ get ‘surprise news’ anymore as far as Pompey is concerned do we?

That is because little surprises us really does it!

That said it does not make ‘disappointing news’ any less so, and the most recent is also just that, disappointing, yet it is very much in keeping with events from the last 12-24-months or so…

This latest setback is the news that Mikey Brown and Richard Hughes are on the verge of ‘automatically triggering’ new contracts.

New contracts, to some, might not seem like bad news – keeping players under contract of course leaves the club in a ‘stronger position’, although the problem is should these new contracts be activated they are activated on the money, or near to the money, that both are currently on…

And sustaining their wages is not something that is possible!

There is almost NO chance that new contract will be granted to either player on their existing money, and I would doubt very much that one would agree to taking a pay cut unless the other did too – even then the cut could ‘probably’ be beyond what they would accept?

Each have a solitary game left, should this be played then an automatic contract extension kicks in…

This was the reason that Hughes was left out of the squad at the weekend, even being named as a sub would count as a game towards this activation period.

From the sounds of it, according to Steve Cotterill’s thoughts in The News, Hughes is not interested in negotiating too much…

It is a tough one, we gave the guy the money so in many ways he has every right to accept what he has and not want to budge – although he could soon be in a position where he has to decide, is he happy to just see out his contract and not play at all, or does he want to try and fight for a place in the side, lowering his demands in the process, to ensure this can happen?

Given his long-term association with the club I would ‘hope’ that he will be willing to be a bit flexible, but I guess time will tell.

As for Brown, he has often talked the talk, now is his chance to walk the walk?

If he is really committed as much as he has said he is, within reason, hopefully he will also be willing to take a cut in his wages.

Like I say, it is tough to be too critical of either player as it is the club – well, more to the point a certain Storrieteller, who continues to cause havoc following his departures – that we have to blame for this situation.

We just have to hope that at least one of these players – and no disrespect to Hughesy I would prefer it to be Browny – can negotiate something as a wafer thin squad is going to seriously struggle to get through the Xmas schedule with us another couple of players down…


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