Date: 19th May 2010 at 12:59pm
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We were told, almost 2-weeks ago, that the CVA that we so desperately need agreeing had been agreed ‘in principle,’ on the 20p in the £ basis.

Today Admin Andy has told The News that he hopes to have this agreed on further by the end of the week, or early next week and is ‘convinced’ that this will be officially ‘rubber stamped’ by early-mid June…

Agreeing the CVA officially, not ‘in principle’ or ‘hopefully’ is a must, until this is done we have no chance of doing anything else, or even contemplating moving forward as a club. Once the CVA is rubber stamped, that is that we can come out of administration I believe. Although I am wondering though, once this happens the administrator’s job is done, so they move on – can we come out of admin if we do not have an owner though?

I remain ‘pretty sure’ that Balram Chainrai is going to be, and probably always has been lined up, as this ‘next owner,’ this will cause MAJOR fractions among the fans and is not going to be liked.

Yep, I have made it clear I will not like this but what can we do?

We might have no other option…both in terms of anyone else actually taking over or the fact that this is, and has been, predetermined regardless! Should fans voice a dislike to this will it make any difference?

I sincerely hope that this does not prove the case as I cannot take another season of ‘protests’, ‘fan fighting’ and of course ‘fans being screwed over,’ which is more than possible…

Rob Lloyd’s mob seems to have died a death – I know no news is sometimes good news, but for me a lot of credibility to this ‘group’, if there was any anyway, has been lost by statements of certain things happening by certain times and this not then taking place.

First and foremost lets keep our fingers crossed that the latest ‘positive news’ proves true, lets get the CVA officially agreed and signed off and then take our next steps and ‘hope’ that something which has looked a distinct possibility does not happen…

This worse case scenario being a club without a CVA agreed, stranded in admin, without an owner, without a manager, without players and without the ability to even bring in freebies due to a continued imposed transfer embargo and of course with a minus points total for next season!

Now Mr Admin Andy PLEASE step out of the limelight and come back under the spotlight merely if/when you have productive things to say, like you have today (which we hope proves to be the case) – we have been hearing too much from you plastered over the media over the months, and a lot of it has not exactly been needed. Sometimes you deny things that are claimed, yet you are the one saying these things in the first place! You, and your team, are being paid a handsome sum for what you are doing so with the season out of the way and no further autographs to sign, just keep your head down and get things sorted that you are needed to sort.


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