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An article from khodgkins looking back at Pompey life from the beginning for them.

I thought to myself last week about putting down a few notes about my life as a Pompey fan, the idea was for it to be a few bullet points highlighting a few good and bad memories, which ended up being nothing of the sort because I do not have any bullet points to talk about only a story which in part is sketchy, other times I can recall every minute detail, but still to best of my poor memory.

I will probably embellish this later but I thought would share my story which will have to be in parts.

Part 1 The Start

In 1977 I was 14 and to be quite honest Pompey meant very little to me, I was into Heavy Rock and guitars, Black Sabbath and Thin Lizzy to be more precise.

Don’t get me wrong I did enjoy football, but mainly international football in the guise of England, my favourite player was Steve Coppell, then on an occasion at school someone asked me who I actually supported the real answer should have been no one, but because being just a kid I thought well my favourite player is Steve Coppell so it must be for Manchester United, so my early early years as a part time football fan was spent liking United. That liking was all about to change!

Back then I lived in Livingstone road Southsea and a neighbour of ours Peter Tregust (or something like that) convinced me to go to Fratton Park with him and as I was always up for trying something new, which in the case of live football it was just that, although saying that my Dad did take me to see Pompey vs Arsenal when I was seven, but cannot really counted as all I remember was being very bored.

Anyway back to 1977 to be honest I cannot for the life of me remember who the team was that Pompey were playing, it was early in the season and the sun was shining it could well have been Colchester United, which would please my mate Simon who is a massive U’s fan, I remember very little of the match apart from we ‘stood’ in the North stand lower and I remember enjoying the day and thinking I like this and I will come again and from that day I was hooked!

For the rest of that season and strangely enough even though Pompey were pretty rubbish and the crowds not very big the draw of live sport really appealed to me and just kept going. As everyone knows Pompey were relegated, but that did not change me I kept going the next season in Division four.

Written by khodgkins.

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