Date: 11th February 2010 at 10:32am
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No, I AM NOT in denial of the situation that we are faced with – I am fully aware that we are VERY close, potentially a week away, from going out of business and this thought devastates me. The helpless feeling that we have makes it even worse. This is a 50:50 scenario, although to be honest I would have to say the odds look slightly more in favour of us going at this point. Unless money comes in, and quick – or the guaranteed promise of it – the stay of execution will be short lived…

So, premier league survival is the LEAST of our worries at the moment, survival full stop is the name of the game now!

That said whilst there is life, as faint as the pulse might be, there MUST still be fight.

Our biggest fight is against being wound-up in the next week or so but lets work on the principle that we can win that fight, that battle being won in itself will be something but the battle to stay up this season has grown increasingly harder following wins by Wolves and West Ham last night.

We are now stranded 8pts adrift of safety, although we do have a game in hand over Hull – the greatest escape in the history of football is now moving on to be one of the greatest escapes of all time from anything, Houdini himself would struggle to escape this, although as said whilst there is life there is hope!

Should the worst happen and we do get wound-up it is essential that we make beating Scum, and preventing them from taking a place in the FA cup quarter finals, one of the final acts of Portsmouth Football Clubs existence, then again that will not really ease the pain of the worst happening would it? Although it would be better than one of our final acts being a defeat to our fiercest rivals…


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