Date: 21st September 2008 at 12:46am
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Q&A with Vital Man City regular Moonarmy live from Portsmouth city centre!!!

Early days I know, but are you happy with how your season is going so far?
Very Excited & happy. About time we City fans had something to look forward to, and the season so far is more than any of us expected. So far so good.

So, you have suddenly become money backs Citeh! How does this feel? Are you overcome with excitement or do you worry slightly that things might go belly up – or is this something that you are sure will not happen anyway?
It feels good to be able to match the financial power of the other top clubs. A long way to go yet, but its one step in what I feel as the right direction. No worries from my end as long as we are not dropped into debt like some clubs I won’t mention.

Who do you think has been your best summer signing and why? I think this one ‘should’ be pretty obvious!
Obviously Shauny Wrighty, I was gutted when he left so obviously I’m made up that he’s come home and come home a better player.

Could you have done with more arrivals – if so in which areas and maybe even who? Although I suspect this will not be a problem in the New Year…
Definitely could have done with more, but as you say, the New Year will do. We could have purchased a solid proven left back. This is currently the only weakness I see. All other areas have been covered.

What are you expectations, or hopes for this season? I would suspect they have risen somewhat in recent weeks…
Very good runs in Carling Cup, FA Cup and a Premier League Top 6 minimum, also a good run in the UEFA Cup to gain ourselves a bigger spotlight.

What about Pompey, what do you think we should expect or hope for?
I see Pompey doing well this season as long as Defoe does not dip in form or get injured. I think your season will depend more on him. Definitely top 8 but for my Pompey mates I’d like to see Pompey in Europe next season.

Who is the real danger man that Pompey need to watch?
Tough question, I’d say the danger men as being Robinho and SWP but Petrov is injured. Jo has just found his feet, so maybe he will be a threat too.

If you could take any Pompey player and put him in your squad – and given your riches you probably could! – who would it be and why?
On current form I can only think of one: Defoe.

Is there anyone that you would like to send Pompey’s way?
Danny Mills lmao. Nar, only joking, I would not send Michael Ball to you lot either, not that you would want him. Nar, sorry, other than those two I don’t want anyone to leave lol!

Go on, who’s going to win?
I would not be a City fan if I did not say City, so I’m saying City! Had enough of being cautious, lol!

Questions answered by Moonarmy from Vital Citeh.



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