Date: 26th July 2006 at 4:33pm
Written by:

This Celtic fan wrote the following about Portsmouth Footaball club (ouch!)

‘I think all you POMPEY fans should face reality your club is a joke, your nowhere near the size of celtic, your only positive would be the location and therefore league,which allows you to get beaten by some of the worlds top clubs, portsmouth however are in the scale of things complete nobodies,who i imagine are followed only by those in your rather pointless city,where as celtic has a worldwide support about 100 times what you could show, even compare your stadium to ours your inferior in every way.

Also what you stupid little portsmouth fans seem to have not taken in consideration is that even if you pay the 7 million for him,petrov only wants to play in the epl and he’s so desperate to do so he’ll even join your club to get in,however he’s not going to want to be faced with a relegation battle or at best some mid-table no hope joke like you could be on your best day,so the second he gets a better offer he’ll leave you in a tenth of the time it took him to turn on us and judging by his recent antics if he dosen’t get a move to a real club after hes been with you for a short while better he just won’t bother.

Face reality,your never even going to get into europe nevermind the champions league,obviously the epl is a million times what the spl is however i personally would rather following a winning team who are able to actually get into the champions league sometimes even if we do get beaten its more than you’ll ever achieve with your epl of which you are the whipping boys for most teams.

Perhaps for the portsmouth fans its more enjoyable to lose most weeks and never win anything and more than likley never will win anything in your life time of supporting your little club because at least at the end of the day you can say you play and usually lose in a good league.

Also what kind of name of nickname is pompey anyway,that about sums your whole club,laughable and pathetic,pretty much nobody cares about portsmouth and to think your better than us just because you are destroyed by better clubs more regularly just shows how little you have going for you in the first place and ultimatly how delusional and pointless you truly are.’


Thanks for that Chris!