Date: 18th September 2007 at 12:36am
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Having gone through all the old articles, I found out the results from a poll before the start of the season.

What the poll asked – How many points will we have after the first 6
matches of the season?

How you voted – Win some – 8 points 61%, Win most – 13 points 13%, No wins
yet – 3 points 11%, Disaster – nil points 9%, Win them all – 18 points 6%’

No ‘6pt’ option, but it is pretty clear that we expected 8 points from our opening 6 games, and this was by no means unreasonable.

All that would have been required were the game against Derby to have been translated into a win, but sadly, as we all watched that game, it truly was the only game Derby have bothered to turn up in so far, and had many pundits re-writing there league predictions. Well, some.

Despite missing out on our aim – which would have left us in the top half of the table, we have at least avoided what 9% predicted of getting 0 points – not all bad then?

It is clear to many that we have missed our target, but in truth, it probably will be the hardest target that we set, and although it wasn’t unrealistic, and we were only a penalty away from reaching it, we will have to accept that it is 1 missed opportunity, but one that we can bounce back from, and, despite playing the four best teams, we are still well clear of the relegation zone with 50% more points than reading.

Whilst we did miss our target, we did not do too badly, good performances against Chelsea, Manchester united, and Liverpool, all resulted in no wins, but we played at a level that should beat other teams. Lets hope we keep the form up, and start to knock away the points.

Written by pompeycarpet.

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11 Replies to “6/8 for Pompey’s start”

  • Carpet you are right when I opted for 8 points I expected Taylor to be on to put the penalty away lol. Still we need to pick up now and get say twelve points from the next six matches.

  • its been a mixed start to the season hasnt it, some really good performances, but a couple of bad ones – well one really bad one adn some bad moments in others… finding a settled side and playing a formation that is best suited to pompey – not just playing something to try to accomodate players as ‘arry has done at times – will see things chance. im not too unhappy with how we have started on the whole tho…

  • I Tried to sneak in a poll asking how many points people expected us to get for our next 6 games, so we could have a more broader prediction on the season, sadly, it was too late to come up this time round 🙂 but 12 points from our next 6 games is what we SHOULD be expecting, as it would throw us right back up inot the mix, rather than leaving us just that little bit behind…

  • i dont think it was a good performance against liverpool, they were a weakened team and we blew it badly, Derby and the Arse were humiliating and are best forgotten. One positive for me is the big four excuse cant be used now. It wont be easy but i agree the 12 from 18 is a target we should/ MUST be acheiving, however i would love to be wrong but with the way Harry forms his team for the away games i cant really see us coming back from games like blackburn with anything. I think the points we will drop will probably be against Blackburn (A) and Man city (H), we must be looking to win against reading (H), fulham (A) wigan (A) and westham (H)

  • I would actually like to think that we will be winning against man city. I know they have done well this season, but the oposition they have played has not been great, and its time there “honeymoon” period came to an end. Blackburn(a) will be a tough gaem, and im sure we will slip up somewhere else – pompey never seem to consistently perform.

  • On paper 12/18 should be possible Harry has to get the formation sorted and stick with it, giving the players time to bed in. It seems to me squad rotation is “the in thing” in the Prem at the mo, depth of squad is important but play your best team week in week out and they will get better and better, bring in replacements when injury or performance dips. Seems simple to me……

  • simple, but theres usually a reason why it isnt a common tactic: playors getting tired, placing comeing in to replace others not “match fit” etc. We saw last year how long Liverpools playors all took to settle down with squad rotation, lets hope we have settled down, and win some games!!!

  • all mangers talk about squad rotation but my mate at one of the red tops says the most common moan from managers last year was about not being able to put the same team out week in week out, LoL it came second to a bare bones speach from a certain mr redknapp. He also says that agents are starting to see squad rotation as buzz words for keeping players who arent first choice quiet.

  • it can be difficult to play players week in week out all season but particularly with pompey if we keep choping and changing we cannot get a run going – we need a settled side to build some momentum…

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