Date: 13th April 2010 at 9:37am
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Midge points out why Pompey SHOULD be allowed into Europe next season.

OK Rules are rules but surely common sense still prevail? And lets be honest it wont be a first as…

1) In 2008 Cardiff were told they would NOT be allowed to be part of the UEFA cup (Europa leagues previous title), as they were NOT entitled to an English Teams spot! Yet the FA overturned this rule, as a reward for reaching the final, should they win. Surely this MUST mean they had NOT applied by the end of March, else why ask for a the rule to be overturned this late on in the competition?

2) The Fans – They are the main stay, the anchor, the king pin. They have done nothing wrong, they turn out week after week, and like it or not, Pompey fans have become famous through out this land, and helped towards promoting what a wonderful league the PL is, across Europe and other countries lucky enough to watch PL Football. In our last European run, we took Portugal and Germany by storm, turning a lot of their fans into Part Time Pompey fans.

Why? because of the passion. I returned to GuimarĂ£es last year and was met by fans in the square, still talking about the year before. We were, and will be a true Ambassador for English Football… the Pompey fans are the best and most memorable for the RIGHT reasons . The fans have paid the price for those who have jumped ship, and they deserve some reward from the FA, for NOT turning anti at every minor or major hurdle.

3) Avram Grant – This man is the only man I can think of who would have stood by a club without pay for months on end, with broken promises and constant rugs being either removed from under him or sold to the nearest bidder. Avram IS Mr Pompey, and we all hope he stays here for the rest of his career. He fell for the club, the fans and the passion. He has been punished enough, just like the fans and ALSO deserves some reward now from the FA.

4) The Team – What a credit to Football. Yes they get good wages, but… David James, changed his contract, (a lot say this was for his England career, which I don’t doubt is partially true), but also to help the fight… Everyone saw his delight when we beat Spurs, that was Passion… it was not money or England career related. ALL Players are to waiver their bonuses for playing in the Final. Triggered by silly clauses, (again put into their contracts by fools no longer at Pompey)… OK, A lot of players WILL leave. But some may already have thoughts of winning the league next year and bouncing back as Hero’s?

Who knows maybe some of these may be convinced to stay one more year and give it a bash, especially if rewarded with the justified bonus of Europe, that THEY earned. And keeping as many as possible, would be a major boost that the whole Club would benefit from, as well as just rewards for a bunch of players, written off, that became a family, and proved everyone wrong.

5) UEFA – They have said that they ONLY need paperwork from the FA by May 31st including Pompey’s name, and they will accept us into the Europa league, providing all boxes are ticked. They agree with Pompey appealing, reporting to national Media, that the March deadline is ONLY something the FA stipulate, not UEFA.

So Come on FA… Pompey deserve it for heavens sake… We got to the final, we beat some big teams to do so, we deserve the reward, AND it is only a bloody form that gets us on a list in May….

What’s the harm? Don’t punish all those mentioned above for errors! Mismanagement! And lack of interest! from people who are not even linked with the club anymore. It’s like punishing a child for his fathers crimes.

Written by Midge.

The views within this article are the views of the individual who wrote and submitted this piece, sometimes solely theirs. They are not necessarily shared by the Vital Pompey Site Journalists.

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16 Replies to “5 Reasons why the FA should let Pompey Join Europa”

  • Midge as much as I agree with a lot of your points (although not No1 – as was that not because they were Welsh??) Can you really see the FA and the Premier League doing us a favour knowing that if they don’t give us the place it will return to the league and go to either Villa, Everton, Spurs or Liverpool … The Irony is it’ll probably go the 7th placed club.. Spurs .. I bet ya !

  • I agree with all the above Rug, the biggest obstacle though is if we can finance this run. Alot will depend on any potential owner and what funds they have. Not sure they’ll be alot left after securing debts? Lets just hope they do have plenty of cash and like travelling round Europe. The plus side of having an owner who wants this is that I think it will mean we keep some of our big players, like Necastle have this season, and could mount a serious attack on the league as well. Hopefully more good news to follow.

  • I’d love to see Pompey play in Europe again but lets not forget that Europe is part of the reason we are in this mess in the first place. In order to make money out of European football you have to stick around to the latter stages, I can’t see that happening without huge investment. Much as I want to see Pompey play european football again, next season may be a tad early. Get Pompey back on it’s financial feet then we can start to build towards a sustainable level where European football can become the norm rather than just a way to sweeten the bitter pill of relegation.

  • said this in the forum…
    from the sounds of it we DO have decent grounds for this and perhaps the FA are the only ones that ‘could’ stop this happening?

    if financially things are not sorted out, or getting sorted out then we have no chance but if we are starting to get somewhere i see no reason why not – it was clearly a FINANCIAL thing from the off, had accounts been forwarded when they had to we would have been laughed out of town and probably wound up as trading insolvent…

    we DID have everything else in place to play in europe what, 18-months ago – other than the ‘money situation’ we are good to go, think it IS worth a go…

    even if it was ‘only’ a single 2-legged tie i would love it!

  • Your team has outdone the original Crazy gang as far as I am concerned. If you were to be allowed, as deserved, your place in Europe, I can see a coach load of fighters prepared to take on the world. They would be just as likely to turn up in a coach ready to rumble, as befits their reputation. Hungry, passionate and ready.

  • I’m looking at the bigger picture carpet, if we just end up adding to our problems it will be our last chance. 10 years ago not one of us thought we had any chance of winning a cup final or playing european football but it happened. It was the desire to chase that dream in a hurry that put us where we are now. Do we really want to see another situation where we are reliant on a chairman constantly dipping into his pocket just to keep us afloat? Sacha has already showed us where that can lead. Get the infrastructure right, get a ground capable of bringing in plenty of revenue and the rest will follow. If it doesn’t then at least we’ll still be able to take our Children who can take their Children etc etc. I’ve had immense amounts of pleasure watching Pompey for more than 30 years and I’d like generations to come to have the same pleasure.

  • Well said Steve. A voice of reason. Remember not long ago fans clambering for big name players, European holiday etc. And now look where we are. Let’s savour another memorable cup final win (or not) and then build for the future of a self sustained stronger PFC. Most of the replies are out of self-interest rather than the future of Pompey.

  • A passionate view but if we are relying on favours from the bodies that run our game, heaven help us.

  • Nice piece I agree with the sentiments but sentiments are irelevant; we have to be out of administration and that we can fund our way to the final. Plus- the PL who control the FA will pressure the FA to give the place to a PL team.

  • the other pre requisite is of course a team, and there aint a lot of time to get one of those. I also agree with Steve C

  • tbh, we wouldnt last too long anyway, hopefully at least as long as last time, but were hardly gonna win it. A few days away and the chance of some better loan/free signings will help all round,im all for it but question the amount of work the lads would have to do, theres more games in the championship already without adding. Thing is though this would all need a sugar daddy. in summary, Itll be our last chance in a long time, will possibly help attract an owner and we do deserve it. But can we afford it?

  • My understanding is the FA want guarantees we are solvent enough to be able to fulfil our fixtures, which is understandable. I would love to play in Europe again, but I want to be sure we can afford it this time. But if Admin Andy says we should do it, then perhaps we can afford it?

  • Very valid points, but I suspect that the FA won’t be willing to help. I totally agree with chix.

  • Chix, agree with you my first point may have got slightly mis-written. I know they were allowed because they were Welsh, but the point i was making is, being Welsh they would not have applied to play in Europe as an English team. Not till they reached the Semi, which would have been after the deadline. Therefore the FA must have okeyed the late submission of their application.? I may be wrong, but my thinking here is, if they had allowed the application late, because they didnt apply earlier due to being welsh, then surely they can do the same with us, as we were not allowed due to being in admin? different reasons, but same request?

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