Date: 6th September 2008 at 9:21am
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I want the new home of Portsmouth Football Club to be a 40,000-seater on Horsea Island, not my vote, yours – and these findings from Et_tu_Pompeii’s poll are thoughts I do share to a large degree.

We all love Fratton, how could you not love it – but I think that we all agree that the time has come, or just about come, for us to expand and even move on as sad as it will be…

Redeveloping Fratton would be fantastic, but it just is not really an option that is viable is it? If we could do this then I would love it, but expanding this to a 35,000 plus seated stadium just could not be done could?

Within reason I am happy with a new home to be in most places, so if Horsea Island is to be the base of a new home then so be it. This move is something that Pompey needs, and something – a new stadium – that Portsmouth as a city needs, as this will have a great impact on the city as well, and in a positive light.

The problem is, if we continue to be unable to sell out a 20,000-seater stadium week in week out then we will get even less backing from council’s and so on and you could even understand why we could not do this, as we would have a half dormant stadium more often than not! I know we do not always sell out due to varying reasons – rising costs, where you live and so on, but lets face it if 250,000 ‘Pompey fans’ that turned up for the victory parade after the FA cup win, even with these factors why can we need sell 20,000 tickets every other week…

Whatever, we ‘should’ finally see this move happen in the coming years, so if we do lets just hope that it is the best thing for Pompey, and of course us!

Either way my thinking is that the new training complex, which we should have in place next summer, is more important than a new stadium at the moment anyway – but that’s another debate!

  • What the poll asked – Which do you most want?

  • How you voted – A new 40,000-seater ground on Horsea Island? 72%, A redeveloped 35,000-seater Fratton Park? 28%

  • Current Poll – Club verses country is something that rears its head each time the international break comes round, but is this a problem for you?

    More and more of us groan when the international breaks come around, but why is this? Is this because Pompey means that much more to us than our nation? Are we so bored with the national side – whichever nation it might be – that we just do not want to see this? Or can we have room for both? This is what pentonpompey wants to know with this – ‘Managers hate International breaks; but which means more to you. Club or Country?’ Let the poll do the talking before we do when it finishes.

    Before we move on what are your thoughts on what the last poll concluded? You know what to do, thoughts below please guys…


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